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  • What lights do you recommend?
    This really is a personal choice , however, we have found that micro-LED lights bring out the best in the tree, particularly when a room is dark. We have used "Lumineo Sparkle tree lights", "Stargazer LED Silver Wire Christmas Lights" or John Lewis LED lights. Be careful to select the right length and colour (cool white / warm white etc). Decorations can be hung on the tree using the paper clips provided, they need to be bent into the right shape - details of how to do this are in the instructions for each tree. Links: Micro LED Warm White Sparkle Tree Lights with Silver Cable Warm White USB Micro LED Twinkle String Lights with Silver Cable Warm White Steady Micro LED Outdoor Silver Tree Bunch Lights - 240cm Warm white LED waterfall, 200 lights, 2 m, indoor/outdoor John Lewis 320 LED Lights, Silver Wire / Pure White Please be careful to choose a suitable wire colour (copper, gold, silver work well), light colour (warm white is best and used on our display trees) and length. With branch lights we pick lights where the branch length is longer than the height of the tree to allow the strands to be curled or shaped yet still reach the floor. See below lights we use for the Extra Large tree which have strands 2.4m long, which will reach the floor even with a slight curl in the wires. These links are provided for examples and we cannot be held responsible for your choice. For the Large-sized tree, we would recommend these lights, which are 2.1m long. These lights from John Lewis can be used on Large and Extra Large trees:
  • How do I assemble the tree?
    In the "Instructions" section of our website you will find details of how to build each of the trees we sell. We provide links to written instructions and video tutorials for all tree sizes.
  • How much floor space is needed for each tree?
    The image below shows the base size of each tree. The base size is measured from the base of one leg to an imagery line that joins the opposite 2 legs. If a tree is placed with the base of 2 legs against a wall, the base size will indicate the distance away from the wall that the farthest leg will reach. It is possible to assemble a tree and remove a complete leg, resulting in a tree that takes up less floor space.
  • Can trees be used outside?
    Our trees are supplied untreated which makes them best suited to indoor use. If you wish to position your tree outside, it is recommended that you treat all of the components with a suitable wood preservative, such as Danish Oil (2 coats are required, 48 hours apart). If you would like us to provided a tree treated with Danish Oil, please get in touch and we will advise you of the additional cost. If an untreated tree is positioned outside or in other damp/wet conditions, without suitable wood preservative treatment, Scalable Designs Ltd will not be bound to replacing components that have discoloured or changed shape.
  • What are the trees made from?
    All wooden tree components are made using European Oak from a supplier that ensures their timber is certified by PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). Stainless steel dowel pins are used to connect components. These pins will not corrode and make up less than 2% of the weight of the product. The oak timber used will show the natural patterns expected in heart wood and sap wood, knots will also be present in the timber, some will be small, but other may be open knots i.e. knots may pass through a complete piece of wood.
  • Can I still decorate the tree?
    Of course! All our trees are sold completely natural and untreated but we encourage you to decorate it any way you like. Hanging decorations can be attached to wooden components using cotton thread or using the paper clips provided to create a hook. Lights can be used in the normal fashion (but we've found that waterfall or branch-style lights Christmas lights work best!). Get in touch and we'd be happy to give you any ideas we think work well but encourage you to make your tree your own. To create hooks, simple straighten out a standard paper clip leaving the inner loop and bend the remaining straight section over the top of a spoke section. These work well and are easy to make, details of how to make them can be found in the instruction for each tree.
  • How should I store my tree?
    The product is supplied in a sturdy box, which can also be used for storage. It is deliberately designed with minimum height (~12cm), to allow the storage box to be discretely placed in a cupboard or under a bed or sofa. It is best to store the box/tree inside to avoid it getting damp.
  • Can I copy the design and make my own tree?
    The product has patented applications pending in the UK, Europe, US, Canada, China & Hong Kong (UK patent application no. GB2584093, others can be found below) . The patent protects the design and manufacture against unauthorised selling in countries where the patent is active. See - or search for: EP(UK) Patent No. EP3972459 International Patent Application PCT/EP2020/063361 US (PCT) Patent No. 11779145 (US11779145B2) European (PCT) Patent Application No. 20726367.4 Canada (PCT) Patent Application No. 3141205 Chinese (PCT) Patent No. ZL202080046871.0 Hong Kong Patent No. 40060307 or
  • When I disassemble the tree a dowel pin relocates to the wrong hole
    When separating components dowel pins will sometimes remain in the wrong hole. The holes that should contain the dowel pins can be identified from the component diagrams in the instructions. It is advised that the pins are relocated before storage to ease reassembly. Relocating the pins can be done by hand or using pliers, a gentle tap with a hammer will reseat the pin to the base of the hole.
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